Hi, I'm Jules

I'm a graphic designer based in Denver, Colorado, and I've been embracing the digital nomad lifestyle for two years and counting. When I'm not fighting my way through the mosh pit at punk shows, you can find me getting lost in the great outdoors and working my way around the globe!

In July 2016 I hauled my awkward self on plane with a backpack and no idea what I was doing to work abroad in Southeast Asia for four months. It took a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck, but I was determined to make it happen. I still can't believe it did.

I'm stoked to share that adventure and my continuing journey as a traveling remote worker on this blog. I'll do my best to find you everything from the raddest places to bring your laptop and grab a latte, to the most phenomenal outdoor destinations get your wild heart pumping. How about we wander together?

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I leave in one week.

Not really sure what happened to the time between now and booking my first flight six months ago, but I do not think it will really hit me that this is happening until I step foot on the plane. Well, the first of four planes. With 30+ hours of travel time. And 4-hour layovers. Oh boy. If I can just not be completely comatose by the time I make it there, I will count it as a win. Small victories, right?

So this is it! This is the post where the magic happens. And by “magic” I mean this is where a year’s worth of anxietal research culminates into having a tangible itinerary and a few g’s missing from my bank account. It’s all done. It’s all (mostly) booked. It’s all…